Bernardo de Araujo

Application Security Engineer @Shopify.

Personal Projects

On my spare time I like to build small tools that solve a specific problem that I'm currently facing.

My recent ones are:


The tool everyone needs to reason about Safari's ITP by providing real-time statistics as you navigate through different domains.

Safari's ITP Debug Mode lacks information, this tool is an attempt to make your life as a developer a bit easier.


A modern port scanner written in Rust with an integrated scripting engine.

Ruby Debugging

The goal of this repository is to get you familiar with common debugging tools and idioms from Ruby. At the end of it I hope you will have a better understanding of Ruby itself.


A framework agnostic Ruby gem that allow developers using minitest to specify tags for their classNamees and tests, and run their test suite based on these tags.

Inspired by Elixir's ExUnit tags.

Slack Emoji Grid

Allows you to create a grid of emojis from a single image and automatically uploads them to Slack.

Text Placeholder

A minimal text template engine written in Rust.

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